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Sierra Leone News: There is no ebola case at present-Sidi Yaya Tunis

masesebehDirector of Communications in the National Ebola Response Centre (NERC) has said there is no ebola case in the country right now.
He made this comment yesterday during a telephone interview with Awoko.
The Director of Communications said that on the 28th of August there was a reported death case of ebola from Tonko Limba Chiefdom in Kambia.
He said the corpse was buried and the high risk contacts were isolated by the DERC of Kambia.
He said immediately the NERC response team was dispatched to Kambia with the vaccine team to make sure they administer it on the 20 high risk contacts.
He said this time they don’t want to allow the virus to spread. “We are expecting to control it this time around and we will not allow it to spread, that is why we have isolated the 20 high risk and the rest have been put under quarantine, so that we can monitor them effectively.”
Tunis said the counting from zero to 42 days have been affected as the counting now has started on the 29th of August after the burial the day before. “We should remember that World Health Organization says after the last case has been discharged or buried, we will start counting the next day. That is what we are doing now as the victim was buried on the 28th August so we start the counting on the 29th.
Asked how the victim came into contact with the disease, Sidi Yunis said the investigation is on and until they have the answer they will not pre-empt, He said what is very necessary now is to make sure that nobody else is infected and to make sure that the vaccine trials prove effective in Sierra Leone as it was in Guinea.
He commended the Kambia DERC office for their swift intervention and said they were disappointed to have this relapse, even though they are fully prepared for any such event. He said they will continue to monitor the situation and hope there will be no other case in the country.
Tuesday September 01, 2015

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