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Sierra Leone News: Strengthening Access to Justice…AdvocAid Launches ‘Police Case2’ TV drama

advocaidAs their mandate is to strengthen access to justice for women and Girl-Child in Sierra Leone, AdvocAid yesterday 26th October 2015 launched a Television Drama Series titled “Police Case2” to raise more awareness on civil right activities in the country.
Acting Director of AdvocAid, Sonia Osho-Williams said “Police Case Season 2” mainly focuses on bringing out issues related to violation of peoples’ rights and justice.
She explained, the drama series have eight episodes and each provides vital information about legal rights within the justice system including ebola regulations, sexual and gender based violence, loitering, traffic laws, infanticide, child trafficking, larceny and debts, among many others.
“The TV Drama is set in Freetown with storylines being carefully scripted to be accessible to viewers and listeners with the intention that through creating and depicting familiar scenarios, the target audience will recognise how to act in the future with their new found legal understanding,” Sonia mentioned.
“The TV drama is about portraying the injustice system and corrupt practices in the country as most women and girls suffer discrimination, sexual abuse and molestation simply because of ignorance of their rights and law”
As legal-aid advocates and civil right activist in the country, Sonia Osho-Williams maintained that her organisation together with their development partners will ensure they continue to provide support for justice, strengthen access to legal education, and provide legal advice and representation for girls and women in conflict with the law.
She emphasised that her organisation’s main target is to reach out to women in detention to ensure that they are treated in accordance with the minimum standards set by the United Nations and to help them reintegrate into their communities without being provoked or stigmatised in their local communities.
“We empower female detainees through the provision of education, welfare, post-prison support to give them morale booster and high esteem”.
She further added that AdvocAid with support from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), European Union (EU) and British Council has worked relentlessly to bring this project to fruition by using focus groups to establish the most common legal issues to educate and the best storylines to ensure the series remain gripping and entertaining.
“Unfortunately, in Sierra Leone a number of laws are gender discriminatory, resulting to a legal system where women are disadvantaged and under-represented. AdvocAid seeks to find the best possible ways through which to support women, educate them, and in turn advocates for changes to these laws”.
The Director of British Council, Simon Ingram-Hill stressed the importance of radio and television in educating and raising awareness in Sierra Leone. He said British Council through the years has been providing educational and social services to the people of Sierra Leone and also to extend the cultural relationship between Britain and Sierra Leone.
The British Council Director assured of his support for justice for women and girls and will continue to work with AdvocAid to provide support to vulnerable women in dire need of legal services and education.
At the SLAJ headquarters in Freetown, through a power point presentation, AdvocAid show-cased Episode One of Police Case 2 which was about loitering and also depicting the corrupt practices of police officers.
By Mariam Sulaiman Bah
Tuesday October 27, 2015

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