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Sierra Leone News: Bombali Stakeholders Signs Off Ebola

ebolaActive players in the fight against Ebola were in happy mood on Saturday 7th November 2015 when President Koroma and World Health Organisation country representative were jointly declaring Sierra Leone an Ebola free country after completing 42 days with no new cases.
The District Ebola Response Committee Coordinator, Dr. Emmanuel Conteh, members of the UN family, local authorities, widows, youth and civil society members were busy praying for departed souls and signing off Ebola from the district and country in particular at the Rogbom Ebola Cemetery were over 1,700 corpses were buried some eight miles from Makeni city.
The declaration ceremony was observed with mixed feelings by health workers, local authorities, survivors and parents who had lost their children and loved ones and young adult who were busy plying main streets of Makeni with merriment and music.
The prayer session for death heroes of Ebola in Bombali district was sad especially when it was noticed that the youngest to be buried at the Rogbom Ebola cemetery was a day old baby of Marie Koroma who was recorded as the 1,140 corpses to be buried by the Catholic Relief Service (CRS) Bombali team on Monday 31st August 2015. The baby was yet to be named by her parent with the inscription of her age and date of death on a small sign post attached to her grave.
The Chairman of Bombali District Council,John Shanghai Koroma pleaded with local authorities and family members to embrace and accept survivors in their various communities, pointing out that if as a nation the fight against Ebola is achieved it was as a result of total commitments from all sectors including health partners, the United Nations family, government, traditional and religious leaders, the media and survivors.
The Chairman urged all to continue the pace in the fight owing to the fact that because the country is being declared Ebola free must not stop all from making use of the 117 and health centres in cases of strange signs, stating that residents must continue with the good health practice of hand washing.
The District Medical Health Officer (DHMO), Dr. Kandeh Osaio Kamara said the fight was not an easy task for all front workers, recalling that a total of eleven medical doctors and countless number of nurses died whiles executing diligent national health services. He said they started with one ambulance in Tonkolili to serve a total of eleven chiefdoms that are far apart with terrible roads but since then to now a lot of support from partners and Government led to the speedy eradication of the scourge.
The DERC coordinator, Dr. Emmanuel Conteh thanked local authorities, the media, politicians, health workers, International and National partners and Ebola survivors for the unity and patriotism demonstrated during the scourge. He said the amount of love and unity that was shown by all was a clear sign that we can champion our development as a nation, if only we are ready.
Dr. Conteh said: “As we reflect on this day let us continue in our prayers to be praying for the departed souls to rest in peace and also let us be vigilant in upholding the fight and don’t forget that Ebola came with good hygiene practices, so let us continue with those good health practices and ignore the bad ones in the interest of self-hygienic practices,” he advised.
In another related scene, development, the Makeni Union of Youth Group (MUYOG), as part of their solidarity to fallen heroes and heroines, processed through the main streets of the municipality with candle light on to the Wusum field where speaker and speaker offered prayers and words of caution to all present to be mindful of whatever they are doing and not to forget to pray for those that had passed away during the scourge.
By Mohamed Kabba
Thursday November 12, 2015

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