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Sierra Leone News: “I will absolutely win in Port Loko”, says Kamarainba

ADP KamarainbaAs he sets out to contest the up coming bye-election for constituency 050 in Port Loko District in the Northern part of Sierra Leone, the chairman and leader of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray disclosed to this medium on Tuesday that he will absolutely win the said election.
He made this disclosure at the party’s office on Rawdon Street in Freetown while he was responding to the question on the party’s plans regarding the said election.
“I had no intention to contest this election but when I went to campaign for my candidate who is vying as councillor in that part, the people called upon me to contest”, he narrated.
Questioned about his certainty of winning the election, he confidently said “I will absolutely win… the one in Bombali district was the smoke because out of four thousand people, we had 40% of the vote.”
He said the strategy they will use is the same; “to tell the truth to the people”, stating that his opponents, the Sierra Leone People’s Party and the All People’s Congress have failed the country.
“We will tell them that God did not create us to suffer, it is our choices which cause us to suffer, and this is the message I want to take to them that if I go to parliament I will advocate for them”, he added “I will serve as the main opposition and make national issues be known to the people”.
Regarding the election in Kailahun district, he said the party has no candidate to represent them there.  He said though they have supporters in that district no one came out to vie for the seat available there.
Thursday June 09, 2016

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