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Sierra Leone News: Diana Konomanyi testifies in bigamy case

Diana KonomanyiMinister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment, Finda Diana Konomanyi has testified in court against her ex-husband Alie Kabbah, an aspirant for Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) leadership.
On Thursday before Justice Miatta Samba, the Minister claimed that at the time of their marriage, her ex-spouse, Kabbah was still legally married to his first wife, and therefore guilty of bigamy.
At the Freetown High Court there was a high momentum from public interest as the small courtroom was jam-packed with Lawyers and observers.
Diana, smartly dressed in bright yellow designed Africana attire, looked radiant and confident as she took the witness box to testify.
She explained in Court that she entered into a civil marriage with Kabbah in August 2013 but in December 2013 she found out that her ex-husband was still legally married to his first wife “I confronted him about him not divorcing his first wife and that resulted in a fight.”
She furthered that Alie Kabba seized their marriage certificate and she had to involve their God-parents. “When Alie Kabba was confronted he refused to produce the marriage certificates to our God parents”, stating that he has something to do with it the United States of America (USA).
They got divorced and in December 2015, Konomanyi filed a complaint of bigamy against Kabbah, alleging that he was still married to his wife in the United States. Kabbah was arrested and detained following the complaint.
Responding to questions whether she was married before, Diana informed the court that “yes I did get married to Steven Jusu Bockarie in 1989 in the United Kingdom and got divorced in 1994 with an issued divorce certificate”.
She presented her divorce certificate in court and it was marked exhibit M 1&2.
Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Sulaiman Ahmad Bah represented the State’s case against Kabbah, while defense attorneys Francis Ben Kaifala and Umar N. Koroma represented Kabbah.
Kabba’s defense attorneys asked for an adjournment to 28th July 2016 at which time they plan to cross examine Konomanyi.
Friday July 15, 2016

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