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Sierra Leone News: US Embassy donates $800,000 USD worth of supplies to 34 Military Hospital

The United States Embassy in Freetown has donated two large shipping containers full of supplies and equipment worth $800,000 US dollars to the 34 Military Hospital in Freetown. At the ceremony unveiling the donated materials on Tuesday outside the hospital, speakers included Chief of Defense Staff Lt. General John Milton, Lt. Colonel Kimberly Lee, Defense Attaché with the US military and others.
Lee praised the competence and responsiveness of the 34 Military Hospital’s ebola treatment unit and thanked Colonel Dr Foday Sahr, Commanding Officer of the Joint Medical and his staff on behalf of the US Ambassador, who was not able to attend that day.
“From our standpoint when we go ‘where is the best investment to help Sierra Leone to help themselves,’ it is definitely Dr Sahr and his folks,” Lee said.
It was pouring with rain outside the hospital as at least two dozen military personnel in camouflage uniforms came to see the two newly opened metal shipping containers.
The containers, Milton said, “will go a long way in improving our health here, not only for the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces but in the community that we live.”
Milton told of how President Koroma directed him to improve the 34 Military Hospital, and Milton said the donated supplies would help in this effort. “I am the happiest man here today,” he said.
The CDS noted that this isn’t the only help the 34 Military Hospital has received from the US Embassy. The embassy also sponsored officers to be trained abroad, including in Ghana and Kenya.
“This is a clear manifestation of the good working relationship between the Embassy of the United States and the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces,” Milton said.
Among the items donated were an incubator, wheel chairs, oxygen machines, office chairs, hospital beds, pediatric beds, theater lights and more, Sahr said. Two years ago, he said, the hospital received two containers of similar supplies.
By Chetanya Robinson
Wednesday July 20, 2016

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