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Sierra Leone News: Clerk accused of stealing from lawyers

The case of Prince Vandy, a clerk accused of breaking into the offices of law firm Yada Williams and Associates and stealing property and money from lawyers who employed him, was heard in the Freetown Magistrate Court on Thursday. The case was adjourned while investigations continue.
Vandy was arrested on 11th July this year. He is accused of conspiring with other unknown individuals to break into the offices of several lawyers of the firm Yada Williams and Associates, lawyers of which he worked under, on June 25. One of these lawyers is Osman Jalloh, who contends Vandy stole 40 million Leones from his office. Vandy is also accused of breaking into the office of lawyer Bernard Jones in the same chamber and stealing a laptop and a Nokia phone, collectively worth 11 million Leones, which belonged to Jones.
Taking the stand, Jalloh described seeing files from his desk scattered around, and he saw marks made by some metal object near the lock on the doors of two of his colleagues’ offices. However, the locks to the main chamber doors were undamaged, Jalloh said. In one of his colleague’s offices, he saw desk drawers were open and files scattered on the floor.
Jalloh and his colleagues encountered Vandy at that time and asked him if he had previously made arrangements to leave the chambers on Friday night. The accused said he had been unwell.
Vandy’s defense attorney Charles Pujeh argued on Thursday that his client should have more time to prepare his defense, and should not be taken into custody again. He noted that Vandy had voluntarily appeared in court when he could have absconded or interfered with the case. He had been held for 30 days on bail before being released. Pujeh argued that there was no evidence the accused was guilty, and should not be held for any longer.
A police officer in court noted that investigations are ongoing in the case. There may be more suspects with more to say with implications for the case.
Friday July 22, 2016

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