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Sierra Leone News: Second amendment to petroleum agreement approved in Parliament

parliamentIn April 2010, Sierra Leone signed an agreement that would give oil concessions in the country to contracted companies. According to a document presented by the Deputy Minister of Justice Mr. Arrow Bockarie, the agreement momentarily hit a snag due to disputes, and was terminated in August 2013.
Following discussions, the Director General Petroleum Directorate reinstated the Agreement later in 2013, provided certain amendments were instated.
The initial exploration period has already ended in April 23, 2015, but at the July 20, 2016 Parliamentary session, members voted to ratify the second amendment to the petroleum agreement, thus further solidifying foreign oil extraction in the country. Member of Parliament (MP) Mohammed Sidi Tunis stood to make the case for voting yes on the amendment.
Tunis recounted how when oil was originally discovered off the shores of Sierra Leone, many companies were in the country wanting to exploit it. Almost all of them have now left the country, with the exception of European Hydrocarbons Limited.
“Today I am very, very pleased that at least we have this one company…to continue the exploration and to see how they can work for the people of this country to benefit from what they call the black gold,” Tunis said while members of Parliament pounded on the table in agreement.
Tunis argued for voting on the amendment, because it would open further possibilities for oil exploitation.
“If the contractor has to proceed at the next stage and also operate in line with the original contractual agreement, then there has to be an amendment,” he said.
Judging by the enthusiastic pounding on the table from the assembled MPs and Paramount Chiefs, there was much agreement for the amendment in the room.
When Tunis added, “We must be happy that at least we have a company that is prepared to go the extra mile,” the pounding in the room was so loud he had to raise his voice to a shout.
Friday July 22, 2016

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