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Sierra Leone News: Confession of a prostitute

The livid waters of the Atlantic Ocean were a prelude to a rainstorm racing towards the sandy shores of Lumley beach.
It was sundown, marked by the strident sounds emitting from restaurants, beach bars and pubs.
The sky was darkening under gloomy thunderheads that whirled ominously across the lesser darkness of the evening like a roving beast.
Blankets of heat lightning sporadically fired across the western horizon of Juba hills that overlook the western coastline.
The lights on the beach strip and the peninsular hills sparkled like diamonds from afar.
The palm trees bowed to the heavily chilled wind. On the paved sidewalks along the beach front, ladies of the night braved the cold in search of clients.
One of the girls, a light skinned young lady in white vest-like blouse and a black miniskirt managed to grab her kilt from the boorish wind.
Awoko Entertainment caught up with this girl to explain her story. This is the confession of a prostitute… 21 year old Kadiatu Bangura, (not her real name) explained that she was in the provinces when her aunty went and fetched her with the promise of a better life in Freetown.
“When I came she was maltreating me, I couldn’t take it and I don’t want to go back to my village because I want a better life in the city that was why I decided to hustle.”
Explaining about what it felt like for the first time she said, “I remember the first night I came out, I was scared, but I want the money. At around 1am a nice looking guy approached me and chatted with me so I agreed to go with him to a near by guesthouse. We sat on the bed and negotiated he paid me Le150, 000 for the night. I said I wanted the money first before anything happens, because my friends had told me of men who run away or refuse to pay the agreed price after enjoying themselves. So after I collected the money he started touching my legs and my knees gave out. His entire hand vibrated inside me while the tip of his finger pressed against my hot button. He pressed his hand between my legs and I tried to refuse to feel, but he was good and the sensation was strong so I let go allowing him to take me to dizzying heights. He laid me on the bed I felt his breath his bare chest touch my breast I felt a flame of desire in my belly craving for more. He worked me all night and I enjoyed it. He was good, and I made money. It was after this encounter I decided to continue. I have nothing to lose. I enjoy the work I do and I make money from it”, she said.
By Bernard Turay
Friday September 02, 2016

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