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Sierra Leone News: No yellow fever vaccines for adults

With Angola experiencing an outbreak of yellow fever, and Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo seeing sporadic cases, Dr. Dennis Mark, Program Manager Maternal and Child Health for the Ministry of Health, said the Ministry is monitoring the disease in Sierra Leone.
“For us, we’re just intensifying our routine immunization and surveillance,” he said. “In case of any outbreak or suspected outbreak, they will raise the red flag.”
Mark said there’s a system in place linking health facilities in the country. If a case is detected, surveillance officers will collect and test and sample, then set up a strategy to respond.
Though Sierra Leone has enough yellow fever vaccines for children, the Ministry has not been able to obtain vaccines for adults.
“We are not funded for that,” Mark said. “Right now there is so much demand for the vaccine that the manufacturers have not been even able to meet the demand.”
Yellow fever is spread through mosquito bites. Once someone is vaccinated, they have immunity to the disease for ten years.
By Chetanya Robinson
Tuesday September 13, 2016

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