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Sierra Leone News:Doctors and nurses now “on call” with donated radio sets

Pikin Bizness donates 12 radio communications sets to PCMH
Twelve radio communication sets were donated to the doctors and nurses at Ola During Children’s Hospital by local NGO, Pikin Bizness, at a brief ceremony at the hospital on Wednesday, November 17. The radio sets will help nurses and doctors communicate with each other and alert each other when new patients arrive or admitted patients need care.
The Chairman of Pikin Bizness, Adonnis Abboud, made the presentation of communication units to hospital Matron, Fatmata Kargbo. Abboud said, “We promised to start the relationship with the hospital by securing radio communication sets. So, we ordered 12 new, Cobra Radio Communications Units, which can transmit up to 20 meters. The units are rechargeable and easy to use,” he continued.
According to Abboud, the Senior Registrar, Dr. Andew McCardle had raised the problems of communications with Pikin Bizness at a previous meeting. McCardle said, “The hospital is large and there is always a challenge when sick patients come in for admission or when nurses retrieve charts or medications for the patients. All of these activities take time and we need to communicate with each other, track each other and call each other,” he continued.
Receiving the sets, Matron Kargbo said, “We appreciate the gesture. The units came at the right time.” She said it is very difficult to track nurses and doctors whenever new patients arrive. She said, “The donation of communication sets will help in effective and efficient service delivery.”
Friday November 18, 2016

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