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Sierra Leone News: Africa Notebook

Multiple years ago when I worked with the African Service of Radio Moscow, there was the program as the world turns, which was a hit for Muscovites and Africans alike.
It was driven by events in Africa and at the end of each year we take stock of how the continent shaped out and its vision for the ensuring year.
For 2016 however, it’s been hop, step and jump with the drowning of thousands as the boarded leaky boats in pursuit of greener pastures which due to economic strains have become patchy and nearer, the sweeping changes of governments in Ghana and the Gambia as well as the worsening economic itches that have left African countries a little above the begging bowl left the year a twelve month span to remember.
Are the signs and symptoms edging to the surface that voters in West Africa want the changing of the guard’s, tired of ageing governments and political parties that have survived through deceptions and useless rhetoric’s.
Are voters tired of continuity and now want to try the other side of the political framework?
Other governments looking to elections in the ensuring years better beware…..for the last supper is at hand. They better wine and dine lusting while there is time.
In the true mood of Christmas, hardly any magazine here has dull articles. Like one magazine which had a saying…….local photocopy shop looking for employee who has reproductive experience.
With gift parcels being sent here and there, there are increasing fears of thieves snatching packages left on doorsteps.
They have been dubbed porch snatchers. Residents have installed monitoring devices that can stop them in their tracks with voice machines that bellow – stop thief.
The move to Christmas has not stopped the Consul General of Venezuela in Chicago and the Porto Rican Cultural Centre from holding a heart felt activity to celebrate the life and times of Fidel Castro.
A leading activist noted that when African people in every corner of the world called for Castro’s help, the Cuban people answered.
The greatest crime that everyone could commit is the crime of being ungrateful, she stressed.
Just the other day, a TV research station asked in and around the world with one question! Survey….what would you rather live without…..TV, Cellphone or the Internet this Christmas?
In the revealing global survey, eleven of fifteen countries said they would silence their Cellphone or log off the Internet. For men especially, will forgo their favorite shows, voting to do so by a greater percentage of men in all but four countries.
Younger respondents took a pass on television but older folks did not shun the online experience,
In the Christmas spirit, take this one…. There psychiatrists agree that people always come to them with their problems but they have no one to go with theirs. So they decide to listen to one and another’s deepest and darkest secrets.
The first confesses….. I am a compulsive shopper deeply in debt so I always over Bill my patients.
The second admits…..I have a drug problem and I pressured my patients into buying drugs for me.
The third said….I know it is wrong but no matter how hard I try I can’t keep a secret.
So whether you have been naughty or nice during the year, have fun. Reach you next year.
Thought for the season….The lovely thing about Christmas is that it is compulsory like rain and sunshine and we all go through it together.
By Rof Mac-Johnson
Monday December 19, 2016

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