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Sierra Leone News: All I want for Christmas… Letters from children to Father Christmas

eeeI didn’t write to you last year, 2015, or the year before, 2014. In my country, Sierra Leone, we had a crisis called Ebola and I didn’t want you to risk coming here to deliver presents, just in case you or your reindeer touched someone who had Ebola. I didn’t want you to get sick and die like so many people did in my country. For two Christmas’s, it was sad in my country.
But this year, 2016, my country has no disease like Ebola. We have many other problems but you don’t need to worry about getting sick with Ebola. So, I hope you can come to bring presents to me, my family and my country. We have been good.
We are suffering and if you bring small presents it would make us so happy. My brother wants a new pair of shoes. My sister wants some underclothes. I would like some books to read to help make me smart in school. Or, maybe you could bring our family a bag of rice. That would make my mother so happy. Maybe you could bring my father a job. He doesn’t have any work and he wants to be a driver.
I’d like to see you on Christmas Eve and I’ll ask my mother to make a special dish of food for you and your reindeer. I live in Freetown and I hope you can find my house.
Dear Father Christmas
Monday December 19, 2016

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