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Sierra Leone News: Magistrate blames FCC for failure to announce law

As Magistrate Boani of Siaka Steven Street Magistrate Court in Freetown orders that a civil servant, Mohamed Kanu pay the sum of one million Leones for owning an unlicensed dog, she has also blamed the Freetown City Council for failing to do regular publicity of the existence of the law.
The accused was charged with three count charges which include: keeping a dog in the City of Freetown without license or permission; keeping a dog in the City of Freetown without documentary proof of rabbies vaccination; and keeping a dangerous dog within the City of Freetown without taking necessary precaution to prevent such dog from attacking another person, all contrary to Regulation 2 of the Freetown City Council Dogs and Other Animals Bye-Laws of 2010.
It was alleged that on 5th of September 2016, Kanu’s dog bit Alhaji Mohamed Jalloh, the son of Sheik Abdulai Jalloh.
Addressing the magistrate, the accused pleaded guilty to the charges and vowed to comply with whatever fine that would be levied on him.
The magistrate before giving her order for the accused to pay one million Leones or face a jail term of one month, she stated that the reason she was not going to strike the matter out of court was because it was a matter against the State.
She stated, “Before this time, people used to license their dogs. The City Council has an environment protection unit but they are not doing well, they don’t announce that this law exists.”
The magistrate went on to say that the cost for rabbies vaccine was very expensive and that the council does not make the drug available.
The matter will continue on Wednesday 11th January 2016.
By Edna Smalle
Tuesday January 10, 2017

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