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Sierra Leone News: As SLPP faction continues … ‘SLPP should grow or retire’

mohamed-kamarainba-mansarayAs the division within the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) continues to grow, the chairman and leader of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray has waded into the conflict, claiming that the ‘SLPP should grow or else retire’.
He made this statement while he was speaking with Awoko Newspaper about his plans ahead of the 2018 national election, at his party’s head office on Rawdon Street in Freetown.
Kamarainba said his agenda ahead of the coming election was to go “around the country to talk about how Sierra Leone can be a producing country instead of consuming country. We will sit with international leaders to discuss trade instead of begging for aid.”
The party leader described the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) and the SLPP (two political parties that have democratically ruled the co,untry since independent) as failures when it comes to the governance of the country.
“SLPP has become a party… not just failure but they need to grow up or be matured and take responsibility or retire”. He went on to say, “this party is 65 years old so if they have lost their ideology and vision as a political party, let them retire or let them grow up and get a new generation of leaders to think right and become a formidable force in this country”.
He condemned factionalism in a political party stating that, “You don’t form alliance… a movement in a political party”.
Regarding the SLPP’s High Court matter the ADP leader went on, “You cannot take your political party to court when you want to lead your party. When you take your party to court it is not the party it is the people you took to court; the people that love the party”.
“So to me, they really need to grow up or they retire so that we can move this country forward. If this party is incapable to solve their own problems, they have failed they can’t be in governance”.
The ADP leader sees this faction as a road to his success. “I don’t want to say much because God is the one confusing them. They have really misused the people of this country so I think God is confusing them. Also the APC; Trust me by April or May this year, APC will have four sections this year. God is going to confuse them… it going to send a message to every Sierra Leonean to say let’s try something new”.
By Edna Smalle
Wednesday January 11, 2017

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