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Sierra Leone News: SLBL gets new Managing Director

Distributors and dignitaries of the Sierra Leone brewery Limited (SLBL) over the weekend bade farewell to the Managing Director, Mr. Willy Ngana and welcomed the new Managing Director Daa Van Tiljury who now takes over the running of the company.
Mr Ngana who has diligently served the company for four years was one of the inspirations behind the local content policy in which local materials are used to reduce cost and enhance profit and the grand introduction of the first Sierra Leone 100% local sorghum beer of international standard.
With the outstanding vision Mr.Ngana, the finance act became a reality, embracing the president agenda for prosperity in which the SLBL has targeted 80% local supply of raw products by 2020 which will boost the agricultural sector and the country at large.
The outgoing Managing Director is part of the celebration of the new Ariel Guinness bottle and Salone beer; products of the SLBL that celebrate the strength, resilience and enthusiasm of Sierra Leone and its friends.
The Guinness brand is a world traveller and a key partner in development in Africa. The Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, brewed in Ireland since 1759, is a household name.
Mr. Willy Ngana has worked in various financial positions in the Heineken company in other parts of the world commencing from his home country DR Congo and has been climbing the corporate ladder to the position he find himself today.
During the ceremony, the outgoing MD encouraged distributors and workers of the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited to continue to work harder to increase profitability and contribute to reducing poverty in the country.
SLBL regarded as the giant Beverage Manufacturing Company in Sierra Leone has maintained the status of good corporate citizen by contributing their fair share, paying taxes and corporate social responsibilities that spans through sport, health care, entertainment and sanitation to the communities,
The SLBL is also part of the Dutch International Company Heineken group and is one of the established manufacturing companies that worked earnestly with government and other development partners in defeating the deadly ebola in Sierra Leone and to invest millions of Dollars in restoring its facilities damaged during the civil war.
The Company has created jobs for thousands of Sierra Leoneans, especially the youths, in meeting its corporate social responsibilities. The Company has contributed to several activities within the Wellington community, especially in the area of health improvement, water facilities and social development.
Over the years, the company provided an ambulance and other equipment to the Wellington and Calaba town Peripheral Health Unit (PHU), primarily to transfer pregnant women who are in critical condition to hospital, with complication.
By Sylvia Villa
Wednesday January 11, 2017

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