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Sierra Leone News: Fambul Tok facilities Peace and Development Project in Moyamba District

As part of its mandate to ensure unified voice in communities especially on peace and development initiatives, Fambul Tok International and its partners on Tuesday facilitated a project for inclusive governance in Moyamba district at the District Council hall on Reservation Road.
John Caulker, Executive Director, Fambul Tok Intl said that the Inclusive District Peace and Development Committee will serve as a forum for facilitating community participation, ensuring equal rights and justice to support peace and development as well as responding to people’s needs in the District.
Caulker noted the disagreement between local authorities and the Moyamba District Council on revenue collection. He said an agreement has been reached to put that matter to an end.
Professor Herbert Sama Borbor Kandeh, Chairman, Moyamba District Council, described the project as a peaceful, coordinating, planning process for sustainable development.
Professor Kandeh continued that with the collaboration by both sector in revenue collection, the District will able to finance projects in health, infrastructure, sanitation and education.
The Chairman said the Council will embark on several activities to engage communities on the benefits of tax. Kandeh commended local authorities for their efforts in the collection of tax adding that with the formation of the Committee, the process will be transparent as information sharing with the community is also central key which the Council has been working on.
Maya Kai-Kai, Minister of Local Government encouraged community members to pay their taxes. The Minister stated that the inclusion of all members of the community will promote accountability and transparency.
Paramount Chiefs, Counsellors and other local authorities welcomed the inauguration of the Committee.
“I believe the Inclusive committee will serve as a mediating and problem solving forum, a forum where my voice just as an ordinary community member will be heard and respected,” Alpha Brima said.
By Sylvia Villa
Friday February 10, 2017

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