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Sierra Leone News: Put tribalism to bed -Unity movement urges

The Founder and Leader of the Unity Movement, Femi Claudius Cole said that until Sierra Leoneans put tribalism to bed, development will be farfetched. She hopes to transform the country, if given the opportunity, in 2018.
Femi Claudius Cole is a nurse with almost 30 years of experience and has worked in and out of Sierra Leone.
Questioned why she has decided to enter the political arena, Cole said the present political climate prompted her to establish the Unity Movement, which she hopes will be given a certificate to become a registered political party.
“I am frustrated with the system. For a population of seven million people there is no reason people should live in abject poverty”.
She said the aim of her movement is to know the man on the street and let them speak their minds and know their challenges.
Cole furthered that if given the opportunity in 2018, her immediate short-term target is education and health. A nation needs to be healthy and educated to become wealthy, she said.
She disclosed that despite waiting for her certificate to become a party, her movement in collaboration with the Western Clinic are on a free health care check in various communities in the east and west of the city, and it came out clear that a lot of people are living with illnesses they are not aware of.
Femi Claudius Cole said the Unity Movement has established offices in Bo, Kenema and Makeni and hopefully in Port Loko. Registration of members is in progress for the minimal amount
By Ade Campbell
Tuesday February 14, 2017

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