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Sierra Leone Entertainment: Arkman reveals 2017 plans

Since Arkman became a soloist and released the album titled “Vanity” he is currently one of the most decorated and packaged artist in Sierra Leone. In an interview with Arkman’s manager Abdul Karim Kanu aka Karismatic a year on after his Vanity Album was launched he revealed “After Ark completes his UK tour, he intends to undertake a Teenage Pregnancy and Early Marriage Advocacy project through entertainment and music performances.”He disclosed that Ark’s management is also intending to partner with Office of the First lady, Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children’s Affairs, Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Ministry of Youth Affairs, Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, UNICEF, UNFPA, Plan International, and other agencies.He added that “Sierra Leone will be 56 years old and teenage girls cannot continue to suffer the devastation of teenage pregnancy and early marriage.”Also adding “as a musician and a role model Ark feels obligated to help the government and people of Sierra Leone to use his musical ability to fight against teenage pregnancy and early marriage.” The Manager also revealed that Ark is supportive of HECO Innovation’s “Focus 4U Future” Initiative, which seeks to capacitate youth with entrepreneurial skills.  He said that the artist believes mantra is giving back to those in need. “What is the essence of making money? if you can’t give back to people in need,” he said. Also as part of his support to HECO, he would be producing songs with inspiring lyrics that will motivate youths to get up and do something for themselves. In a Skype interview with Arkman he explained that his 2017 package for his fans is compact because “a lot is coming out with the premiering of a new video titled ‘Duniya’ starring Rozzy.” He also added that he is doing an international collaboration with a very outstanding Nigerian artiste called Terry G and has plans to collaborate with other internationally recognized artists in the future.Ark said that the reason why he intend doing collaborating with international artists is to penetrate the international arena and shoot Sierra Leone music on to the highest echelon of the global entertainment map. Mr Vanity also said that the other segment of his project would focus on peace and non-violence “since our country’s elections is declared for early next year I intend to work with well-meaning musicians and organizations to embark on a national musical sensitization tour aimed at denouncing all forms of violence before, during and after the elections.”
Adding, “election is a process aimed at empowering citizens to exercise their franchise and our national adherence to democratic provisions, but our collective effort during our country’s development process is what we as Sierra Leoneans must focus on to ensure that we stay out of violence, promote local and foreign investments to foster our nation’s socio economic growth and development”.
He said Mr. Reg Larry Cole a Sierra Leonean based in UK has been his promoter and financial backbone as he tours the UK.
Mr Cole he said is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist of Raedex Consortium which houses it’s headquarter office in the United Kingdom.
Ark said this entrepreneur and philanthropist have so many plans for Sierra Leone more especially the youths and children. He added that Mr. Cole has established a foundation called the UMAC Foundation, which is a nonprofit making organization that he named after his Mum and Dad. Ark said that Mr. Cole’s foundation has been providing support for less privileged people especially school going boys and girls and those who are not opportune but wants to go to school to acquire quality education.
“He provides pupils in Saint Edwards Primary and Secondary scholarships, and he intends to do more. Mr. Vanity expressed his gratitude to his manager and team especially Hon Alieu Pat-Sowe, Milton Koker aka Colabo, Young Lee his producer, Sanusi Buskey, Ahmed Gentoo of Gento Group, Madam Haja Kalla- Kamara, Madam Sarah Bendu, Madam Madinatu Rahman and all his fans for their unflinching support towards a very successful vanity album.
He called on all his fans to watch out for the release of a new video called ‘Duniya’ and his new album – “Dis Compound”.
Friday February 17, 2017

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