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Sierra Leone Entertainment: Street Talk, An illiterate woman who is rich and a literate woman who is broke which one do you prefer ?

Ibrahim Mansard

Ibrahim Mansard1

1.Ibrahim Mansard: I prefer the one who is educated and broke. I guess she would know how to treat a man. The one who has money but she is illiterate, is definitely going to be impolite. I see this. It happens. Wealthy women who are illiterate are hard to deal with.

Alicia's Gboa

Alicia’s Gboa2

2.Alicia’s Gbao: A literate woman has potential. She might be broke for now but she has the potential to be somebody. The Illiterate woman … because she is not lettered might often act out of ignorance.

James Koroma

James Koroma3

3.James Koroma: From my experience I don’t want an illiterate woman. I prefer a literate woman even if she is as poor as a church mouse. If I’m not around who will examine the kid’s schoolwork? When you have an illiterate woman you often don’t understand what you mean, she thinks only on one frequency.

Samuel Lawson

Samuel Lawson4

4.Samuel Lawson: I prefer the one who is educated even if she is broke. Education goes a long way education doesn’t lie. The business might fail, her wealth might fade, but education would never fail you. An educated woman is a wealth to a nation.
Friday February 17, 2017

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