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Sierra Leone News: Alleged rapists off to High Court

Magistrate Binneh Kamara committed two alleged rape matters to the High Court, on Friday, stating that “the accused have questions to answer based on the evidences before me. Therefore I commit the matter pursuant to the offences as charged”.
On 24th February 2017, 21-year old Ahmed Musa Sesay, 45-year old Abdulai Bangura and Abdulai Kamara made their last appearance at Magistrate Court No 1 on Siaka Steven Street, on two different alleged rape matters involving a 36-year old woman and a 14-year old girl.
It was alleged that on 1st January 2017, Ahmed Musa Sesay raped the 36-year old woman inside her bedroom at Grafton in Freetown.
On the last preliminary session the victim explained her ordeal to Magistrate Kamara how she was raped.
Abdulai Bangura and Abdulai Kamara were also committed to the High Court on allegations of conspiracy to rape a 14-year old girl who was forced to marry the 1st accused, Bangura.
Evidences before the Court alleged that the little girl was forced by her family including her uncle Pa Alie Kamara and wife Salamatu Kamara to marry Bangura despite her refusal.
She was forced to come to Freetown to stay with her husband who forcefully sexually abused her knowing she was under age.
Detective Police Officer, Francis A. S Folleh, attached at the Family Support Unit (FSU), Grafton Police Station recalled the date of the incident and was assigned to investigate a rape matter of the 36-year old lady.
DPC Folleh issued a medical form to the lady to be examined and treated at the Rainbow Centre. The medical report was later returned to him endorsed.
Between 2nd & 6th January 2017, investigators visited the crime scene at Grafton and pictures were taken which formed part of the Court records.
Voluntary statements were obtained from the accused and on 19th January he charged the accused with the offence of rape.
DPC John Henry of FSU, Congo Cross Police Station recalled when a matter of forced marriage and sexual penetration of a girl below the age of 18-years was reported to his station.
On 28th November 2016 Abdulai Bangura and Abdulai Kamara were arrested in connection of the matter and after investigations they were charged to Court on two counts of Conspiracy and sexual penetration.
Bangura and Kamara were committed to High Court for trial maintaining bail conditions while 21-year old Sesay was denied bail.
By Mariam S. Bah
Twitter @MariamSBah
Monday February 27, 2017

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