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Sierra Leone Entertainment: MADENG pays to train 3 Cultural Ambassadors

Chairman Madengn Association Bimbola Carrol has been telling us what and where is the highly rated fun filled cultural extravaganza is heading.
Bimbola said “Firstly, I would join fellow Sierra Leoneans and other well-wishers that thankfully Madengn beach festival was a success. However this success would not have been accomplished but for the support of our darling sponsors The Madengn Association, Airtel, First Bank of Nigeria, NATCOM, SL Brewery, BOLLORE, A. Yazbeck & Sons, Afrigas, N.P, VSL TRAVEL, Radisson Blu, Pendrax Security, SLIEPA, DILMAH, GENTO GROUP, ONLIME, IPCS POWER.”
He went on “Madengn as you now know is a brand name in Sierra Leone for which the best in entertainment is always linked to. Every year we hold a mini event during the first half and our annual Beach festival which is recognized all over. However as an organization with aims and objectives does not only focus on these two yearly activities. We have over the years seen how best we can give back to society and play our own part in building a solid foundation on our focused pillars. As we aim at showcasing the best of Sierra Leone in Food, Music, Arts and Craft, Fashion and Culture, we have helped nurture, expose and encouraged Sierra Leoneans to be the best at what they do and also promote the culture of Sierra Leoneans to support local produce. In continuation of such The Madegn Association has officially paid for 3 Students at the Ballanta Academy to be trained and qualified Cultural Ambassadors, whose skills and expertise we all as Sierra Leoneans will benefit from.
“The Ballanta Academy is a school which teaches everything on music, instrument, grooming voice, culture etc. The Association feels proud of the students and hope they will pay attention and become very successful Cultural Ambassadors.” He concluded that Sierra Leoneans and business houses should continue to support Madengn as it is one of the biggest platform which brings people of all race, tribe, religion and sex together under one umbrella of promoting everything Sierra Leone.  Bimbola hinted that the next big thing from Madengn is around the corner.
Friday March 03, 2017

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