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Sierra Leone Entertainment: WE YONE TV seeks to improve audio-visual art

Film and documentary production in Sierra Leone still leaves much to be desired. Lack of professionals and creativity in most of the movie and documentary production subdivisions, has quite often resulted to below-par movie and documentary productions.
It is against this backdrop that ‘We Yone TV’ has organized a six-week intensive training for local movie and documentary producers, with funds from Sensie Creative Hub.
The aim of the training is to “improve Sierra Leone films and documentaries to match-up international standards,” explained Arthur Pratt, We Yone TV Creative Initiative Manager.  He said, “the training focuses on story tellers with knowledge in film and documentary production. The idea is to capacitate these story tellers to improve on their art.” Pratt added that 18 moviemakers, which include: scriptwriters, cinematographers, editors and producers would benefit from the six weeks intensive training, at ‘We Yone TV’ head office 3 Mends Street.
He explained that at the end of the training, the group would produce two short films and 1 documentary. Pratt also revealed that they intend to replicate such trainings throughout the country.
“By the end of the year we would be going to Guinea and Liberia to train movie makers on film and documentary production,” Pratt averred.  Furthermore, he said some of the tutors are the best in Sierra Leone movies and documentary production. “We have renowned movie director John Solo; Alfred Kpana and Lansana Mansaray (Bamie Boy).
Movie Director John Solo said people are frowning at local movies because of poor production quality.
“Unless we are ready to put aside our obsession for mediocrity and work hard to achieve professional standards, I’m afraid our fledging film industry will soon take a nose dive to oblivion,” he noted.
Friday March 03, 2017

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