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Sierra Leone News: Cosmopolitan cocktail training at Baw Baw Bar

The art of mixology involves the mixing of alcohol, juices, sodas and sometimes even fruits and vegetables. Bartenders serve up a fancy mix of liquid sparkles to satisfy and intrigue customers.
The Radisson Blu Hotel bar, the Baw Baw, recently held a training session for their behind-the-bar artists. The boys behind the Baw Baw bar are professionals at mixing just the right amount of vodka, rum or gin with splashes of tonic, juice or soda to entice customers and spread that infamous inner glow of intoxication.
Ross Snowdon, Brand Ambassador of Fabbri was in town to train and encourage the Baw Baw bartenders. He visited the hotel and bar to serve up some strange new brews and cocktails such as the Cosmopolitan or the Blue Screwdriver.
The South African cocktail expert said, “This is a good opportunity to impart knowledge to other attendants which means a lot. I’ll leave behind some inspiration and knowledge. I’d like the staff to be confident about what they’re doing here at the Radisson Blu.
Alcoholic inspiration is a specialty of bars and hotels. Baw Baw specializes in fun, good times, great drinks and stimulating social activities.
Snowdon added, “When introducing a new cocktail menu, each bar should do some training for the tenders. I’m here to spread cocktail mixing products that can be used in producing delicious drinks – and to spread the bar culture,” he added.
The three-days of training for the staff of Baw Baw will feature the products of Frabbri including the delicious cranberry juice.
Snowdon noticed something interesting, “I have observed a consistency problem here as getting the same product, over and over, of the same quality is a challenge. There is no regular supply of certain products but with the Fabbri partnership with Radisson, we can get the supply of fresh fruit and cocktail mixing products to get consistent flavour and colour all the year round”.
Julius Kamara, Baw Baw Manager, knows how to dash juice and liquor. He said, “The training is great and will really help polish the bar boys. We’re making cocktails now but this tune-up will help us shine.”
Snowdon disclosed that the bar staff, “were a bit nervous but during the engagement in the last two to three days they have grown. With a little bit of practical experience and serving customers they will get there, they have good skills behind them.”
Training testers had to be part of the process and the media are well known for their cocktail tasting skills. The Baw Baw Mojito was a favourite and the Lumley Margarita was very popular. Local journalists enjoyed the drinks and learned a thing to two about mixing juice and gin.
Thursday March 16, 2017.

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