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Sierra Leone News: IPAM celebrates World Speech Day

The 15th of March every year is World Speech Day. The Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), University of Sierra Leone has commemorated this year’s World Speech Day on the theme, “Thoughts for a better world”.
Celebrating speeches and speech making across the world: with events that bring to life the power of speeches to share ideas.
Hundreds of students from universities and other well-wishers converged at the British Council on Wednesday evening to listen to the Kwame Adjei Lecture and to also listen to student representatives as they shared their thoughts on what makes the world a better place.
World Speech Day is a not for profit organisation, founded in the belief that speeches change the world, most importantly your own world.
The guest speaker, Dr. Ibrahim Stevens, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone, delivered the Kwame Adjei lecture on the theme, “Economic Development”, highlighted some of the work of the bank in contributing to the economic development of the country.
He also pointed out how the country can achieve sustainable economic development and factors that deter economic development.
He said, “If I do a very good job in controlling inflation, improve the standards of operation of financial institutions, strengthen the financial architecture and infrastructure then the economy will grow and we would have sustained economic growth”.  He also said some determinant of economic growth were openness of trade to the world, low inflation and natural resources stating that growth has to be sustainable and enduring.
Thirteen students made the speech day’s presentation. They spoke on issues such as love, smiles, women’s empowerment, social services for children, youth unleashing their potential, technological discoveries, human rights and democracy, poverty among others. Each of these speakers argued that the world will became a better place if those issues were taken into consideration and be implemented in societies around the world, humanity will live in a better world.
One of the students, Michael Parker said making the world a better place is to provide basic and quality education for all, fight poverty in developing countries, protect the climate and use available resources appropriately, accept peace and humanity by putting an end to conflict and war.
By Edna Smalle
Friday March 17, 2017.

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