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Sierra Leone News: “We will play our part to encourage people to register to vote”- RUFP

Chairman of the Revolutionary United Front Party (RUFP), Keilfala Kosia, confirmed that Party executive members and supporters will be educated and encouraged to register to vote starting on March 20th.
He said that some people are still confused about the voter and civil registration, while others have no knowledge of the process.
Kosia added that the RUFP is a small party among the other existing parties, but has learnt a lot with regards to electioneering processes, therefore it will use lessons learnt from past elections to educate the public on the need to come out and register.
Questioned about funds for voter registration education as well as other parties encouraging cross border registration, the RUFP Chairman replied, “We don’t have enough, but with the little we have, RUFP will play its part.” He said it is wrong and unacceptable to bring in people who are not residing in the country to register and to vote.
Keilfala Kosia urged other political parties to keep calm but be vigilant from now to March 7th, 2018, which is polling day. He advised that political parties should get polling agents that are smart and who can communicate well, and cannot be easily manipulated.
Friday March 17, 2017.

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