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Sierra Leone News: Njala students return to class today

Students of Njala University will return to class today, April 3, 2017, after suffering for months during a staff strike. The Government has promised to meet the demands of the lecturers within the shortest possible time.
Some of the students at the Bo campus of Njala University said the government should not renege on its promises to meet to the demands of lecturers so classes can commence.
Juliana Kamara, in her second year, said, “If the Government would have engaged the lecturers they would not have gone on strike. But, they failed and that lead to a strike.” Kamara added, “The Government needs to take education seriously. That would show the government cares for the people.”
Sulaiman Brima who is in his third year, said, “The administration needs to be blamed for the late start of the University, as mismanagement of the funds has led to the non-payment of the salaries and allowances.” He added, “It is good that the Government came in to savage the situation.”
“Please do not fake the lecturers and stay committed to fulfilling your promise to our lecturers,” another student, Julian, said to the government.
The Bo Campus, Chairman of the Academic Staff Association, John Juana, confirmed that the Government promised to meet to their demands within the shortest possible time – within one week or two. Juana said, “We are looking forward to seeing that promised fulfilled.  Asked, if they Government fails to meet Staff Association demands, what would be their action, Juana said, “I will not assure anybody that ASA will not strike again if their demands are not met. Strike action is always our last option.” He said, the problem at Njala is the Government promised to look into the issue as the Government will not send money without knowing how it is used.”
Juana added, “We want to welcome the students at Njala University back to the campus and we are ready to give you the best in terms of knowledge.”
The academic wing of the University, according to reports, is now working on the academic calendar and the time lost will be taken into consideration.
By Aruna Kamara
Monday April 03, 2017

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