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Sierra Leone News: Tengbeh Town primary school gets support

Nasser Ayoub and pupils of Church  of Christ Primary School

Nasser Ayoub and pupils of Church
of Christ Primary School

The Church of Christ Primary School is one of the oldest schools in Tengbeh Town. It’s 25-years old and currently has about 600 students. But, the condition of the school is deplorable and unfavourable for learning.
Head Teacher, Musu Walan, said, “Challenges are many in running this school. There has been no help coming forward. This is the most congested school I have seen in Freetown. For the junior classes, the classrooms are in a shambles. The roofs are hanging, no doors, no benches no tables. The educational system is not conducive for the children at all. No proper benches no proper tables to write on. Sometimes they sit on the floor to write”.
Walan said she’s made several efforts to get assistance from the government and various NGOs but has had no success. She added, “I have been teaching in this school for 16-years the only organisation that has come to our aid is the Nasser Ayoub Charity Foundation. When I saw Nasser I thought he was an angel from heaven”.
The Nasser Ayoub Charity Foundation was founded by one of the country’s celebrated musicians, Nasser Ayoub also known as, ‘Tranga yes borbor’. The organisation was registered as an NGO in Freetown two months ago. This primary school is among the very first beneficiaries of the organisation.
Earlier this month, the organisation renovated the class six structures, which house about 116 pupils. In addition to that, they provided additional furniture, exercise books, pens and second hand clothes for the children. During the handing over of the renovated structure on Thursday, Ayoub said, “It is not about the money, it is about putting a smile on the faces of the children. Doing a small thing but creating a big impact.”
Despite this support, Alma Harold a class six pupil said, “We still need some things to make us more confortable. We need a black board among other things.”
By Edna Smalle
Friday  April 21, 2017.

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