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Sierra Leone News: 30 journalists off to China

Some 30 journalists, the majority of whom are members of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ), will leave Sierra Leone today for China to take part in a three week training progamme at the Beijing Research and Training Institute of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. The programme is expected to start on the 6th of July and ends on the 28 July 2017.
Explaining about the training, the Political Affairs Officer at the Chinese Embassy, Guo Xin said this is a bilateral training programme that China organises for journalists from different countries annually. He said this year the number has been increased to 30 as they want more Sierra Leonean journalists to get more opportunities.
“In China we believe and respect the media as they are very important to the development of our country. In that vein, we want the media in Sierra Leone to be of immense importance and a contributing agency to the development of the country. This is why we will do all in our power to help develop the media through training and other means.”
He called on participants to go and get more knowledge and come back to practice in a more respectful and dignified way that will make them be respected and trusted in the country.
The Economic Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy, Shen Xiaokai, in his advice, said that Sierra Leone and China have developed a peaceful, respectful and cordial relationship that has made their president Xi Jinping to elevate the relationship between the two countries.
He said the media in China played a pivotal role in the country’s development and that is what they want to see in Sierra Leone.
“You journalists are our friends and we believe that you will be part of Sierra Leone’s history when the country would have reached the heights all of us are craving for.”
Mr Shen averred that his government will continue to help Sierra Leone journalists to develop their potential and hopes that next year the number will increase again.
Journalists from the print and electronic media, across the country, have been given the opportunity to be part of the training.
Tuesday July 04, 2017.

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