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Sierra Leone News: Israel’s green power to West Africa

This month the small Middle Eastern nation, Israel, brought another expertise to the table: solar energy. Like water management, energy is a carefully honed and vital issue in Israel. It also is something the nation, which has a booming green energy sector, can share.
On June 2, Israel and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) signed a memorandum of understanding toward an investment of $1 billion USD by Israel to promote green energy across the region’s 15 member states. The project will be implemented by Energiya Global, an Israeli company. In 2015 it launched Rwanda’s first utility-scale solar array. The company also works with USAID to bring solar to African communities.
Israeli Knesset Member, Abraham Neguise, said the first $20 million USD of the project would be launched in Liberia.
“With 600 million Africans without electricity, the State of Israel can literally help African Heads of State bring power to the African people, said Neguise, who serves as chairman to the Knesset’s Israel-Africa caucus.
And then there’s other countries like Ghana, where Israel has received an open door policy because of its continuing assistance to West African states. Although the first agreement with ECOWAS was forged in 2009, Israel was providing assistance to Ghana, Sierra Leone and their neighbors as early as the 1950s when former-Prime Minister Golda Meir arranged for tech experts to visit the region’s small, sparsely developed countries and provide agricultural assistance.
“Israel is coming back to Africa,” Netanyahu announced. It’s likely to be a partnership that will benefit all sides, and hopefully for some, provide evidence that political differences can, and should, be overcome in time.
Tuesday July 04, 2017.

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