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Sierra Leone Business: ‘Luminous’ affordable Solar power hits the market

The cost of a 4.5 KV generator is Le 7,250,000. The running cost of a small generator with a two-gallon fuel tank capacity is over Le 60,000 a day. Calculate Le 60,000 by 365 days that is twenty one million nine hundred thousand Leones only (Le 21, 900,000) which excludes maintenance and lubricants and the inconveniences such as noise and air pollution.
One of Sierra Leone’s leading electrical and electronic stores Insons has partnered with India’s top solar manufacturing company – Luminous Power Technology Limited, to bring environmental friendly and affordable electricity energy to the doorsteps of Sierra Leoneans.
On Wednesday, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Aberdeen, Insons and Luminous launched their flagship products – power inverters, dry cell batteries and solar generating electricity system.
There were different packages to meet consumers’ needs. For a basic household consumer that has access to Electricity Distribution Supply Authority (EDSA) with few bulbs and fans, Luminous ECO Watt 700VA, 500 watts Inverter costing Le 900,000 would do the trick.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)- Insons, Dilip Narwani explained that the inverter is a power bank that comes on when there is a power cut. The period of how long the back-up electricity would last, depends on the batteries and the appliances that are in use.
“It is like your smart phone if you charge it 50% and you use more application continuously the power will run out faster than if you just answer calls and use fewer applications,” he explained.
Luminous ECO Watt 700VA Inverter is an ideal machine for houses with single or double bedrooms. This eco-friendly inverter is highly suitable for small buildings and comes with different types of features, which make it flexible and competent for use during power cuts. Basic electrical appliances can be powered effectively with this model and can be used easily with convenience. Its warranty is for two years.
Dilip said for the inverters you don’t need a solar panel if you have EDSA or backup generator. The CEO explained that the inverter would charge your batteries when EDSA or your generator is on. When EDSA sheds load (blackout) or you switch off your generator the inverter would automatically come on and give you electricity.
The 900 VA, 500 watts costing Le 1,000,000 has been designed to bring respite and relief to the Sierra Leonean families from the often-occurring inconveniences of frequent load shedding.
The 1,500 VA which has 1,200 watts capacity is One million six hundred thousand (Le1,600,000). The 1,500 VA is suitable for home or office use and offers enough capacity to meet slightly more than the basic power backup needs. It’s a significant step above the 900VA Eco Volt inverter. The 1,500 VA runs on 2 units of battery while 900VA and the 700VA are powered by a single battery.
There is also the 2.5 KVA inverter which runs with 3 batteries costing three million five hundred thousand (Le 3,500,000) and a 3.5KVA which costs four million five hundred thousand (Le 4,500,000). The 5KVA costs eleven million Leones (Le 11,000,000) while the 6KVA costs fifteen million Leones (Le 15,000,000.) The power inverter monster is the 10KVA which can even power 2 air conditioners costs eighteen million Leones (Le 18,000,000.) The solar panel cost Le 2,000,000 and the dry cell solar batteries cost Le 3,000,000. Dilip also disclosed that INSONS provides free installation assessment for your home or office to help customers determine exactly their power supply needs.
A Call To Business (Actb) has also stepped in to provide a microfinance scheme which can help workers in credible institutions who might find it difficult to meet the one-off payment upfront, to pay an initial 20% of the principal sum and spread the balance over a period of time with very little interest.
to have access to one if you can’t afford it if you are ready to pay 20% of the cost upfront, he averred.
Monday July 10, 2017.

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