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Sierra Leone Sports: The battle line is drawn… “It is now purely a government affair,” – Sports Minister

Permanent Secretary, Coker, Sports Minister,  Khanou and Director of Sports, Bangura

Permanent Secretary, Coker, Sports Minister,
Khanou and Director of Sports, Bangura

Due to the endless football saga on congress matters, the Minister of Sport, Ahmed Khanou, explained the position of government on the issue and urged the President of Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), Isha Johansen, to take the membership to congress within one week.
He called a press briefing held at the Siaka Stevens Stadium Atlantic Hall in Freetown on Tuesday afternoon.
The Minister remarked: Following my briefing on the situation, three points emerged and that is what government has taken. Government notes that the scheduled ordinary congress was not about nominations, elections or appointment of officials of the FA. It was about compliance with OECB principles of shareholders, stakeholder’s management democratic governance which is transparency and accountability to which principles FIFA signs up to and required members association compliance”.
Minister Khanou furthered given the circumstances, come up with the following decisions that within one week the President of the FA is to take the membership to congress as of today. To the FIFA task force and integrity checks and that they should report the outcome of that congress to his office for the higher attention of his Excellency the President and that Johansen should equally take all necessary steps to ensure democratic transition through due electoral process”.
Stating, “here is the catch, should that fail, I, as Minister by the power vested in me in section 56 (1) and article 8.1 of the 1964 Sport Council Act (Powers of the Council), which says, ‘The Council may in accordance with the provision of this Act do all such things as it may consider necessary or expedite for the promotion, encouragement, development or control of sports in Sierra Leone and formulate policies for sports applicable to the whole country and internationally’, I will be left with no option but to take the next necessary expedient steps to control the situation”. The Minister stressed: “I did not consult and I don’t want anybody’s opinion on this. It is now purely a government affair. Following that I will report to his Excellency and then the next step should be taken, whether its integrity checks or whatever checks let them proceed for a democratic transition using the electoral process of the FA”.
The unending football ruckus as to when congress is to be held, the issue of alleged match fixing investigation and the continual threat of integrity checks has dented the integrity of those at the helm of football affairs. For the past four years football has been in a devastating and deplorable state with the game neglected due to power struggles, lack of integrity, selfish interest, egoism and failure to adhere to the mandate of the FA constitutions on how things should be done democratically.
Wednesday August 09, 2017.

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