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Sierra Leone News: President Koroma commends Alieu M. Sesay

The Former Organising Secretary of the All People’s Congress United Kingdom and Ireland Branch Alieu Mohamed Sesay has been commended by President Koroma for his role he played during his tenure as executive member of the party.
Mr Sesay said for sometime he has lost touch with President Koroma and other executive members of the party. Now that he has decided to come back after some indifference he said he was welcome and was told by the president that he has a big role to play in the coming elections.
Mr Alieu Mohamed Sesay was the Chairman of ‘APC on target’ which was a well known programme aired on Rising Sun radio station FM 88.8 which was owned by the Ruling All People’s Congress Party.
According to Mr Sesay, he and President became strange bed fellows after wrong information were being disseminated with the party, but said after investigations done by the president he knew all the information were baseless and untrue.
“The relationship between myself and the president went bad just after the president was elected. Since then I have been in London,” he said.
He thanked the president for receiving him back and telling him that he has a role in the coming elections and said he refer to the reunion as a new beginning in their relationship.
“During our meeting, the president assured me that he wants me to be ready to work with the elections team and refer to me as his brother and we should work to push the party forward. The president acknowledged my work in the party and thanked me for what I have done in the past.”
Mr Alieu Mohamed Sesay pleaded with the President to consider Port Loko when the party will be electing officials and said even though he will be retiring they will continue to support him and work with him to develop the party.
The Former Organising Secretary said he has worked for the party and he is ready to do all in his power for APC to retain power. “As we go to convention next month, I do hope the fittest person would be selected and all of us will rally behind him so that we will be able to win the next elections.
Friday August 11, 2016.

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