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Sierra Leone Sports: City Road & Shell Jewellers loses appeal

Both communities, City Road and Shell Jewellers, appealed against Fourah Bay and Kissy Community have lost their appeal, according to Lamin Sheriff, Head of the Secretariat Sierra Dream Foundation
Lamin Sheriff said both communities appealed but they late take the appeal to Western Area Football Association(WAFA) to look at it
In the first case, in the match between City Road and Kissy the match did not end because City Road refused to play after Kissy scored. They said the ball was not a goal on this grounds. WAFA looked keenly into match which was played on the 5th of this month at the Attouga mini complex.
WAFA went further to take a decision on the said matter based on the referee comments and match Commissioner’s reports plus other findings from organising committee. The goal and three points have been awarded to the Fourah Bay Community.
This action was taken in accordance with the rules and regulations binding the Sierra Dream Foundation inter-community League. According Rule 7, 8 and 10:
Rule 7 states; A team is responsible for the behaviour of its player(s) official(s) and fan(s). That is before, during and after the match. If a match is abandoned and the team player(s), official(s) or fan(s) is the cause of the abandonment, the team shall forfeit the match to the opponent with three(3) points and two(2) goals, plus other sanctions.
Rule 8 states that the decisions by the match officials during the game cannot be protested by a team.
While Rule 10 says, ”Matters or issues not provided in this by law shall be determined by the Organizing Committee it was on this grounds that the goals and points was awarded to Fourah Community.
In the other match between Shell Jewellers where Shell protested against a certain player that they cannot provide proper evidence for WAFA took the decision that the player must play and Kissy community should have the goals and points.
After both decisions by WAFA, Ibrahim Kamara, said he was impressed by the decision that rules and regulation of any competition must be maintained for the good of that competition, according to the chairman, Kasho Holland Cole
Friday August 11, 2016.

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