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Sierra Leone Sports: “Taking cycling to the schools” – Solomon Collier

The Organizing Secretary of the Sierra Leone Cycling Association, Solomon Collier, has said that they will take cycling to the schools when schools reopen next month.
He said this decision was taken after an executive meeting over the weekend. If the sport is to development and grow we need to start from the school that is from Primary to secondary so we can identify them when they are young.
That is why any school sports we are trying our best to have our coaches and elite cyclists to be around to identify these cyclists. Solomon said as an executive we are working towards that.
The President of the Association, Percy Nicolson said their main challenges is now bicycles as they need at least 10 bicycles for a start that they can assist some of these schools when they have sports activities as they cannot afford.
The moment we are able to achieve that, cycling sports will take a different turn in schools. The executive will try to donate prizes for the best cyclists in the schools.
Thursday August 10, 2017.

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