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Sierra Leone Business: Foreign Travel just got more expensive as Ticket tax becomes Law

Air Travel to foreign countries has just become more expensive with the coming into law of new taxes on tickets.
According to the Finance Act 2017, which was signed in to law by President Koroma on 1st June 2017 “every person departing from Sierra Leone by ship aircraft or any other means of transport shall pay on or before the date of his departure a foreign travel tax calculated at the rates specified in the schedule irrespective of whether such ticket is purchased, obtained issued or received in Sierra Leone.”
Further the new tax shall be collected by the travel agents and not the Airports Authority as it used to be sometime ago. This is stated in (2) which directs that “The tax shall be paid by the person departing from Sierra Leone to the owner or to any other person issuing the travel ticket or from whom the travel ticket is purchased …”
As things stand now Sierra Leoneans wishing to travel to an Ecowas country will pay $25 if travelling in Economy $50 if travelling Business Class and $75 if travelling first class.
This translates to an additional Le187,500 ($25) for Economy; Le375,000 ($50)for Business and Le562,500 ($75) for first class
Travelling to a Non- Ecowas country, like those travelling to UK for holidays with their whole families is even more expensive. If travelling Economy, the tax is $55, then if Business it’s $170 and first class $250.
This translates to Le412,500 ($55) for Economy, and Business Le1,275,000 ($170) and for first Class is Le1,875,000 ($170)
It will be recalled that an additional tax on travel tickets was proposed by the Transport Ministry to collect revenue to pay for security services at the airport.
Monday August 12, 2017.

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