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Sierra Leone News: 150 villages benefit from Munafa M’Patie

Since it was established ten (10) years ago as a leading Child protection local Community Based Organization Munafa M’Patie Federation has transformed 150 villages in three chiefdoms within Bombali district, by constructing pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, health centers, empowerment of women in the agriculture sector with good seeds and livestock’s.
The organization had been facilitating the training of youth with skills through working with tertiary institutions like the University of Makeni (UNIMAK), the Northern Poly Technique and the now Ernest Bai Koroma University on short-term courses in a bid to transform and empower youth in that party of the country.
The Program Manager Musa Sanu Konteh said after every three years community members in their operational chiefdoms of Safroko Limba, Biriwa and Paki Masabong chiefdoms go into an executive election where chiefs and the board members are elected. He reiterated that the board constitutes of parents whose children are in the organization’s child protection and sponsorship program.
Alice Conteh said their chiefdom could be transformed as a result of the intervention of Munafa education, health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programs with more communities being able to access bore holes. She said being part of her chiefdom executive is integral because as a parent and a woman, they will assist in advocating for more children into the program and also for more facilities to be extended to other villages.
Alhaji K. Sheriff, 13 years old is one of the potential child representatives, in the Organization’s board. He said children in that part of the country were being abandoned if not for the intervention of Munafa M’Patie in the area of education, parents are finding it difficult to cope with payment of bills in schools, hospitals, and transportation among many.
Alhaji said if he is chance to be part of the new board he will advocate for inclusion of more children into the program pointing that if more of his colleagues are included in the sponsorship program the chiefdom will benefit because according to him, the program is paying school fees for them which at the end will produce more educated children in that part of the country.
By Mohamed Kabba
Tuesday August 29, 2017.

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