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Sierra Leone News: Cash payments to disaster victims mapped out

On Wednesday the Government of Sierra Leone, through the Office of National Security (ONS) engaged survivors of the August 14 landslide and flash floods in their various camps and holding centre. The engagement was to explain the two sets of packages Government and partners have designed for survivors.
According to the Director of Disaster Management ONS, John V. Rogers, the first package is the humanitarian cash transfer, which is running for three months from September on to November, and Le870,000 will be given to each household head in September and Le217,500 will be given to them in October and November, whether they are residing in camps or not.
The second part of the first package stated that for those who have sought their own accommodation, in September they will received a package of food items, and Le783,000 will be given to them in October and November. The Director stated, “For those households who decide to reside in camps at Old Skool and Juba – they will be receiving three meals per day.”
The second package, which is the early recovery transfer, is meant for only those households who have decided to seek their own accommodation for their family. He noted that Le2,175,000 will be given to the head of each household and survivors accepting such money should leave the camps at Old Skool and Juba and also should not return to areas that are disaster prone.
These packages are designed to enable affected persons to be taken care of in the medium term until permanent housing option becomes available.
According to the Director, payments of monies will be made through mobile transfer to all household heads that have been registered and verified.
On Thursday, the National Security Coordinator ON,S Ishmael Tarashid Tarawalli, confirmed that payments will be made through Airtel and it will be handled by NASCA.
The Deputy Inspector General of Police Richard Moigbe, said, the victims who are really affected should help to weed out those ones that are pretending to be victims. He said they will arrest any individual, who they find in disaster prone area after receiving such money. “These monies are given to you in order for you to find safe and comfortable place for yourself and your family.”
One of the flood victims at Dwarzark, Kallay Sesay, said, “I am very happy for what they have done for us.
Another survivor, Mohamed Kanu, pleaded to the Government to do more. He said the amount given will not be enough in order to find safe and comfortable accommodation. He said most of the houses in Freetown have been rented in dollars, so it will be difficult for them to find decent houses with such little money.
By Mohamed J. Bah
Friday September 08, 2017.

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