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Sierra Leone Business: From dumping site to business centre

One of the women doingBummeh is the main dumping site in the Western part of Freetown situated between Accession town and King Tom. This site has a rich history of accommodating massive rubbish that is coming from households and offices. A place which is not advisable for human movement neither dwelling purpose but now is being used as a business centre.
Visiting the site on Friday 8th September, many people were on the site from children, youth and the aged finding goods to sell, while others were selling what they have found from the site. The people are trading on scrap metals and mega cola rubbers, and the consumers normally visit this site in order to get their raw materials or goods.
Mariatu Sesay who has been doing business at the site for the past three years said, she is collecting those rubbers, plastic and sometimes scrap metal to keep them and wait for buyers to come in order for them to sell their goods.
She said they have nothing to eat or to survive, unless they go to this site and collect those items before they can have something to eat. According to her, she has five children and she is feeding all of them from what she is generating from the scrap and plastic business.
Abu Bakarr Kamara an18 year old school going pupil said, he normally collects scrap metals from the site, adding that, “it is from this dumping site, I will raise money to pay my school charges”. He maintained that before he normally goes to school in the afternoon, he will first visit the site to find items that he could sell.
Adama Sankoh said they are selling the mega cola rubbers 1,000 Leone per dozen, and according to her of late business has been difficult for them. She added that she had collected over three bags of rubbers and plastic but has only managed to sell 24 dozen on Friday.
She noted that instead of involving into something immoral it is better, she stays in such a trade. She noted that “though it is risky and have the tendency to damage our health, for now there is no option for us”
By Mohamed J. Bah
Monday September 11, 2017.

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