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Sierra Leone Sports: WAFU Nations Cup

The WAFU Nations Cup (often abbreviated as the WAFU Cup) is an association football competition that is contested by representative teams of the West African Football Union
A trophy was commissioned by President Gnassingbé Eyadéma of Togo in 1974 with a view to establishing a regional competition similar to the Africa Cup of Nations tournament. The maiden event was hosted in Abidjan and the hosts Ivory Coast won the tournament.
The West African Nations (Zone 3) commenced in 1982 on an annual basis (not in 1985), and was played until 1987. Meanwhile, in 1983 ECOWAS French:CEDEAO) create another tournament, the CEDEAO Cup (Zone 3) and it was played on a bi-annual basis until 1991.
Zone 2 also had their own tournament created, the Amilcar Cabral Cup named after the liberator of Guinea-Bissau, Amilcar Cabral.
The West African Nations Cup returned in 2002 as the WAFU Nations Cup, however, officially it was not considered simply as a continuation of the old tournament, and therefore it is a new tournament. The 2002 edition was short-lived after violence broke out in Ivory Coast. Two games of the tournament had been played when it was cancelled. Finally, after an eight-year wait, the tournament returned in April 2010 which Nigeria’s Ogun State hosted and the host nation won.
Salone loses 2 – 0 to Nigeria
Tuesday September 12, 2017.

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