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Sierra Leone News: GUMA reacts to social media messages

Management of Guma Valley Water Company (GVWC) has reacted to a social media message that accused the company of undermining President Koroma’s recovery process.
Guma Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Alie Kabba, explained the management of GVWC noticed a mischievous article making rounds in the social media: “Guma Valley Water Company is undermining President Koroma and the Recovery Process”.
According to the article, “the Ministry of Water Resources immediately contacted Salwaco Company to provide two water trucks, after the disappointment from Guma Valley Water Company, the Director of Salwaco, Samuel Bangura, made the two bowsers available to the Ministry of Water Resources to supply the affected areas. Also adding, “When the Salwaco bowsers went to collect water at the hydrant at Hannah Benka-Coker street, the Guma Hydrant officer refused to give them permission, they went to Femi Turner Hydrant at Goderich, the Guma Hydrant Officer refused to give them permission to load.”
A press release reacting to the accusations stated that “Even though the Company had concerns about the Ministry/SALWACO going into an agreement for a service they don’t have the resources to provide, given that this is an emergency situation, the Company granted access to Salwaco bowsers to GVWC installations at Hastings and Mongeba which are closer to the Camps at Regent and Old School, Hill Station.”
According to GVWC Public Relations Officer, Joseph Musa the social media posting in question “…is a figment of the writers blurred imagination.”
“As far as GVWC is concern we are supposed to provide safe drinking water – no more no less. In spite of the unfortunate disaster that befall this city on the 14th of August 2017, the provision of potable water to the city of Freetown and its environs is the sole responsibility of the GVWC and this we have performed for over 50 years and we still continue to provide service to the people,” he said.
Meanwhile, GVWC continues its water trucking activities to the holding centres and communities in the far west of the city.    OG/12/9/17
By Ophaniel Gooding
Wednesday September 13, 2017.

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