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Sierra Leone News: VP Foh presents scorecard

VP Foh handing over the magazines to President KoromaVice President Victor Bockarie Foh yesterday Tuesday presented his third edition of his magazine ‘VP at work’ and another featuring his two years as Vice President to President Koroma at State House telling him that since he was appointed he has been a humble servant working to make the presidency a success.
In his submission to President Koroma, VP Foh said because of his steadfastness and humility he has worked very hard to fulfill the president’s dream and groom himself very well for the future.
Vice President Victor Foh said in December 2016, he presented the Second Edition of “The Vice President at Work”. That Second Edition he said covered a six month period, from May 2016, when we published the First Edition to December 2016. This Third Edition the VP averred essentially covers the period spanning December 2016 to date.
“Our intention was to do a six monthly publication, but to quote Your Excellency, “Action with Result Pass Intention”. We are here this morning to present to Your Excellency, Sir, the Third Edition of our Magazine, “The Vice President at Work”.
Vice President Victor Foh said the Third Edition has an In-Lay Newsletter on the landslide Tragedy of 14′ August 2017. “From this Tragedy, we have no doubt that we shall grow to build an organized, strong, and productive Sierra Leone.”
“I believe in you, Mr. President. I believe in myself as a resilient person, who needs to work hard to help transform Sierra Leone into a capable nation state. This Third Edition of “The Vice President at Work” is dedicated to those compatriots of ours who perished under the storm and debris of the flood and mudslides of 14th August 2017; to those of our compatriots who will neither participate nor forever witness the future transformation of our Country. Your Excellency, having said that, it is now my pleasure, and I do so with utmost humility, to present to you the two magazines for your consumption sir.”
Responding, President Koroma commended the vice president for making sure that he has his scorecard and breathing new life into the vice presidency.
He said the vice president has been an able lieutenant as he would answer to any call in the shortest possible time to represent him in and out of Sierra Leone.
“We have gone through so many challenges in the past and I can say we are in a trial period. We succeeded in the Ebola fight and we just concluded with the 18 month implementation of the recovery program. We were about to restart the Agenda for Prosperity when the August 14th disaster struck. But as you say we are resilient and we will move past this trial period. This we will do in unison.”
President Koroma commended his vice president saying he was consistent and confident and he is very happy for that. He called on him not to relent and said he will be waiting for the fourth edition that has been promised by the VP.
Smiling, President Ernest Bai Koroma said the last statement made by VP Foh about succession he will not comment as it is not for him to say and neither the right time to make any comment, but advised the vice president to continue his good work as he has brought life to the vice presidency.
Thursday September 14, 2017.

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