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Sierra Leone Entertainment: Damaris returns with Cocoza

Sierra Leone’s upcoming pop star, Damaris is back again and this time she is thrilling he fans with her new music video ‘Cocoza’. In 2011 Damaris released two promo videos-‘Keep na u lane’ and ‘Heart and Soul’ both videos enjoyed 3 star rated reviews. After a duo launch with Nigga Kraft, Damaris went to the lab again for two years were she crafted her lyrics, perfect her voice pitch and gathered inspiration for an unstoppable come back. And now she is back with an irresistible promo video ‘Cocoza’. Damaris Conteh born and raised in the east-end of Freetown explained that ‘Cocoza’ is a symbolism meaning anything one might enjoy most in a love relationship. ‘Cocoza’ she explained is just a tip of the iceberg. The artist revealed that on the 18th of November she would be launching the ‘Cocoza’ album which was would comprises of 8 songs. She said the launching would take place at the Ojuku Junction Community Field at KabalaTown. She assured that the launch is going to be unique because artists from the East End Artist Union and some artists in the West would give a life time performance fans have never seen before
Friday October 06, 2017.

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