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Sierra Leone Entertainment: She snubbed throughout Secondary School- Now We’ve Been Married for 7 Years

Kadiatu and I have been married 
for 7 years, but it most certainly was not love at first sight.
We both grew up at the police barracks in Kingtom and entered Model Secondary School in 1990 as freshmen. Back then there were social clubs in schools similar to those in college. By the second term, I had joined a social club. In my class I sat by two girls who were members of the social club i was in. The three of us talked so much during class that the teacher split us up. She moved me next to a girl named Kadiatu. The only thing I knew about Kadiatu was that she was best friends with the daughter of the prominent Lecturer at Fourah Bay College. As far as I was concerned, that was all I needed to know about her. And Kadiatu knew all she wanted to know about me.
In form one, we were in the same private lesson. 
I liked the lesson but I had some trouble with the memorizing the dates. I knew Kadiatu was smart, so I asked her to show me an easy was to memories historic dates. Without a word, she let me know she had no desire to help me. So I asked another classmate.
Then in form two, I started helping my mum in her shop after school. Kadiatu came in weekly with her mother and seemed to be a different person. We talked as I bagged the items they bought
and I realized that I had changed, too.
One night as I put the items she bought inside a black plastic bag, I asked if she wanted to hang out and she said mother is waiting for her. I felt rejected but found out later that she was hoping I would pay her a visit.
Several days later I walked past her home after school and I invited her to my church.
She accepted and I quickly asked her for a date to a revival at our church—I’d purposely invited her, thinking she’d be more likely to accept. And she did. We continued to date steadily until we finished our university education in 2002 and got married on Sunday 11th of December 2010.
Friday October 06, 2017.

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