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Sierra Leone News: Bethel World Outreach Ministries celebrated 25 Year Silver Jubilee

Bishop J. LaggahBethel Outreach Ministry Sierra Leone on Sunday October 8 celebrated its 25 Year Silver Jubilee at the churches headquarters in Freetown as hundreds of it members were at the March pass from the Siaka Stevens Stadium to the church at Circular Road, thanking God for the Body of Christ as they now have 65 churches and 11 schools across the country.
Given and overview of the establishment of Bethel Outreach Ministry, Bishop Dr. Julius Laggah said that twenty five years of existence in this country is a great milestone as a ministry.
He said that Bethel world outreach ministries international was started in Liberia by Bishop Darlington G. Johnson in 1987. In the early parts of 1992, then pastor Musa Korfeh, came with his wife and family as missionaries to introduce bethel in Sierra Leone.
He said that six months prior they official launched the first church; I came in contact with pastor Korfeh through the Freetown bible training center where I was a student and a leader of the evangelism team respectively. He said upon the request of pastor Korfeh to organize a mini crusade at the Aberdeen road market to start a home cell within that community; I was assigned to lead a cross section of the evangelism team to make it a reality.
“After we launched the ministry on Sunday 4th October 1992 at the lobby of Miata conference center, Youyi building in Brookfields Freetown, I decided to seek the permission of my pastor in my former church in order to give myself fully to the development of the ministry,” he said.
Given update so far what Bethel has down so far Bishop Laggah said that, today that seed pastor Korfeh left with us has now grown to become a great tree with several branches? As now bethel has about 65 churches and 11 schools, most of them with their own buildings, a bible institute, one bible college, over 70 home cells.
We started a TV station that we operated for about three years, but due to some technical issues last year with our equipments, we had to stop operations for now.
He said that “Three years ago, we paid for a 1.6 acres of land along Pademba Road just about ten minutes walk from here which we are currently developing to build our Destiny City that will house a five thousand seat auditorium, a standard school, a clinic, several multipurpose halls and an administrative block.”
Bishop Korfeh said if you humble yourselves God will give you the power to resurrect as this could be found in James 4:10. He said that things that are not right in the sigh of God should be broken and die.
Bishop Korfeh, handed over an Award to Bishop J. Laggah and wife for their steadfastness in preaching the word of God. AT/10/10/1
Wednesday October 11, 2017.

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