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Sierra Leone News: Dr Sam Sesay declares for APC ticket

Sam Sesay handing over his letter of application to Alhaji Bangura at the APC officeFormer Agriculture Minister Dr. Joseph Sam Sesay yesterday handed over his letter of application to the National Organsing Secretary Alhaji Mohamed Bangura, for the position of Presidential candidate of the All People’s Congress (APC), at the party office, Railway Line.
Handing over the letter Dr Sam Sesay said he joined the APC in 1976 and has been very effective until now. He said he started from the Youth league with AlhajiMinkailuManasaray, late Patrick O’Jong and Speaker of Parliament Hon. S.B.B. Dumbuya.
Dr Sam Sesaysaid the APC has its own way of choosing its flag bearer, and it is done within the party. However, this time around he said it is rather strange that other candidates are going up and down the country campaigning to people that don’t matter now.”
“I refused to do it and even today that I am handing over my application letter I decided against bringing people to the APC office that will cause traffic jam and affect the economy. I came to handover my application to the party in a quiet manner and later will meet with my supporters all around the city. I have eight meeting points where they are waiting for me.”
Dr Sam Sesay said one of the reasons why he wants to lead the party in the 2018 elections is because two of the founding fathers of the party – Siaka Stevens and C.A. Kamara-Taylor came from Kambia District TonkoLimba, where he too hails from.
“I want to carry on with their legacy and return the leadership to that area of the country so that as they rest in their graves they will be happy for the party and me.”
The former minister said he has been in the party for over 40 years and when NPRC overthrew the party, most of those that are enjoying the party now fled and they were afraid to even mention the name of APC.
“I was one of the 18 members who stood our ground and continued with the party in 1996 when we won five parliamentary seats. I was the one who pleaded with Mr Abdul A.Karim to step down for High Commissioner Eddie Turay to lead the party in the 1996 elections. When SLPP offered us one cabinet position, I was the one chosen by the party, but later the party turned down the invitation to work with the SLPP.
He said he has spent his time, money and energy for the party under the General Secretary of E.T. Kamara when the office was at 39 Siaka Stevens Street, before moving to 137bFourah Bay Road.
“If I am successful, I will make sure that when the party is preparing its manifesto, agriculture would be at the center because we want our economy to grow and we want to feed ourselves and still export. I want to thank President Koroma for giving me the opportunity to work with him and achieve so much, which made him the best president ever in Sierra Leone.”
Dr Sam Sesay said APC is democratic and that is the reason why so many people have shown their interest in the party and many political parties have been registered to take part in next year’s elections.
He said if he is not selected then he will support the lucky one and work with him because he has no other party to go as APC is the only political party he has ever joined in his life.
Wednesday October 11, 2017.

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