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Sierra Leone Entertainment: Moves to revamp Salone music

2007 was the golden age of Sierra Leone music… It was everywhere, in clubs, pubs, public transports, parties and every nook and crane of Sierra Leone until the tempo became dampened and the Nigerians took over. Nigeria songs became so dominant to a extent that Sierra Leone music started losing its own identity.
Sierra Leone songs started sounding like Nigerian songs; with the same composition, the same Afro-beats, same Nigeria pidgin lyrics and rhythm. However, stakeholders in the industry had deem it necessary to resuscitate Sierra Leone music in the public domain more than how it was in its golden days. Hence, stakeholders in the entertainment and promotion industry are now intending to introduce a Sierra Leone Entertainment Guild and also to sign a Communique between the DJs Union requesting for a 90 days Salone Music Campaign in all Radios and Entertainment Centre.
Friday October 13, 2017.

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