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Sierra Leone News: Civil society cautions political parties in Kenema

The chair of the National Civil Society Forum Sierra Leone, Kenema branch, Lahai Galiwa has called on all registered political parties to do everything possible to ensure that the electioneering process is peaceful.
He made this appeal while addressing representatives of all political parties and the press during a Citizen’s Manifesto Steering Committee meetings held at the regional office National Civil Society Forum at 8 Kandeh Street in Kenema.
He said the Forum has listened to people on radio after the two major conventions in Makeni and Freetown, pointing out that the use of the media or social media is a great concern. He added there is a great need to caution political parties to be mindful about their utterances on radio and during public gatherings. He urged all political parties to improve their campaigning process in ensuring that there will be no hate messages, no fighting but peaceful atmospheres throughout.
Galiwa disclosed that they have set up a steering committee comprised of the press, civil society and other stakeholders that will be visiting all political party offices in Kenema and the region to ensure peaceful settings.
He maintained that the civil society alone will not achieve its goal without the political party’s commitment and therefore called on all to show commitment in the interest of all. He appealed to all political parties to open space to women during their electioneering process.
The chair called on Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) to caution media practitioners to work within their code of conduct.
Hawa Kamara of the UDM Party called on civil society to engage the market women in ensuring peaceful atmosphere adding all news generates from the market such as the latest one “U sabi am” meaning do you know him.
Yankuba Nyallay from the SLPP called for all political parties to have access to the citizen’s manifesto, and called on radio stations to be channeling party affairs through party leadership.
By Saffa B. Moriba
Wednesday October 25, 2017.

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