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Sierra Leone News: Over 6,000 blood transfusions at PCMH per month

The Programme Manager, National Safe Blood Services said they do over 6,000 blood transfusions each month at the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital.
“People need to donate blood to save more lives. Because of low turnout, PCMH collects only 29 units of blood per month and after screening only 12 units are good for transfusions. The hospital and many more health facilities needs more than this amount to meet its demands”.
Dr. Marcella Coker made this disclosure during a community engagement for Kombra Network to save lives programme, which brought together traditional healers, religious bodies, market women, CSO’s, community leaders and the media.
She called on the public to go to the national safe blood transfusion services at Connaught hospital to donate blood and to report any case where a health worker demands a fee for a blood transfusion.
Held at the District Health Management Team (DHMT), Cline Town, east end of Freetown, the goal of the saving lives community engagement for Kombra Network is to promote, immunization, breastfeeding, antenatal care, proper use of bed nets, reduction of teenage pregnancy and voluntary safe blood donation.
Gandi Kallon, a health worker at Cline Town DHMT, stated that health service delivery is a continuous process and needs constant assessment and review to improve on the mistakes, solve challenges and improve on the system.
Traditional head at Leicester road community, Pa Komrabai Kamara emphasized that women are not the only custodians responsible for the caring and upbringing of their children. He added that the father as well as the community also has great role to ensure that children are brought up the way they should grow.
Sharing a testimony, the traditional head who appeared younger than his age, spoke with confidence, and was proud to note that when his second wife’s child was ill sometime back, he had to be hospitalized with the child as both his first and second wife had toddlers to attend to, as a result they cannot be hospitalized with a sick child. “I had no alternative, but to abandon all other schedules and because of the love I have for my child, I was in hospital for almost a month until my sick child got well and discharged”.
By Ade Campbell
October Friday 27, 2017.

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