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Sierra Leone News: Paddle will be a national carnival –Abdallah Ahmed Sesay

The Secretary General of Eastern Paddle Hunting Society Abdallah Ahmed Sesay has told journalists during the Ministry of Information weekly press briefing that this year’s Paddle show will be a first of its kind carnival that they are organizing under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.
Mr Sesay said the cultural carnival will be the best ever organized in the country as they are looking at the Nottinghill and Rio Carnivals since they want to showcase the country to the world that ebola has long gone and the country is very safe to do business.
“Paddle has been honoring different leaders in the past and this year is no different. We will honour our member President Koroma who has done extremely well in his two terms and we will make sure that all those who are interested must come on board and join us regardless of the political affiliation people belong to.”
He said all the Ashobie and T-shirts will carry the message of President Koroma’s two terms in office and not about flagbearers of any party. “Even though Dr Samura Kamara is our patron, we will not honour him because the carnival is not to campaign but to appreciate President Koroma.”
Mr Abdallah Sesay said they will be working with the police and Ministry of Tourism to make sure that the carnival is beneficial and peaceful to all Sierra Leoneans.
The Director of Culture Mr Foday Jalloh said they had planned this carnival show about five months ago when they received a letter from the Paddle Society for technical advice.
“I worked with them to give them all the technical advice they needed as they are determined to make this even the best ever in the country. All monies involved in this carnival has nothing to do with government as they (Paddle) raised their monies and they are spending it. All we are providing is technical advice because the cultural division of the ministry is the professional department that is responsible to develop culture.”
Head of Police Media ASP Ibrahim Samura told journalists that they have received all the information about the carnival and they are working with the Paddle Society to make sure that the carnival is successful.
ASP Samura averred that the police will be procuring equipment and vehicles for the elections. He appealed to the citizens to be law abiding and follow the law so that peace will prevail in the country beginning tomorrow Saturday during the carnival and beyond.
Asked about the murder at Ogoo Farm, ASP Samura said they have four people in custody and made it very clear that they are investigating individuals and not political parties. He said there is information that he will not disclose but they are making progress.
Government Spokesman Ajibu Jalloh said the information making rounds that the government has stopped the Minister of Information from talking on behalf of the government is not true. “The Minister of Information Mohamed Bangura, Deputy Minister of Information Cornelius Deveaux, Presidential Spokesman Abdulai Bayraytay and Myself Ajibu Jalloh are the only four qualified people that should speak on the government’s behalf.”
Mr Ajibu Jalloh said the matter between the Minister of Information and the UDM party has been solved within and there is nothing he can report about. He thanked the press and continued to plead that journalists make sure they report facts rather than opinions.
October Friday 27, 2017.

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